Huh? MacGyver?

I was surprised to find that not every person on our great blue planet knows who MacGyver was / and is. More evidence that the Millennials are taking over!

MacGyver was a popular TV show in the United States from 1985 – 1992, now resurrected since 2016 with a new cast. MacGyver is the ultimate smart and resourceful one man agent, able to use a Swiss Army knife, a few toothpicks, paper clips, kitchen supplies, and anything else he could find to creatively save the day and win for the good guys, with the countdown clock ticking.

For me, MacGyver is a perfect analogy for agile development in 2018 with SAP Cloud Platform. SCP is the Swiss Army Knife and more, enabling a developer to rise to the status of a superhero, delivering enterprise ready, enterprise integrated apps in a fraction of the time that traditional development requires.

Be a development hero this year: be iMacGyver.