Great Sessions at SAP TechEd 2018

This year’s SAP TechEd is shaping up to be one of the best, ever. There are more than 200 sessions around SAP Cloud Platform.

Why SAP Cloud Platform in 12 seconds flat?

Most companies have rigid, massively complex I.T. systems.
SAP created a unique platform to abstract core systems and simplify innovation for large corporations, letting our customers adapt to change 5X to 10X faster, while integrating to enterprise systems.

(Watch my overview and demo here at

Below are some of the best sessions, organized by some of the most likely SCP use-case scenarios:

Extension platform (S4/HANA)

The Extensibility Big Picture for SAP S/4HANA Cloud (Lecture)

Build an Extension Application of SAP S/4HANA Cloud on SAP Cloud Platform (Workshop)

Develop an Extension to SAP S/4HANA Cloud in 30 Minutes (CodeJam)

Extend and Integrate SAP S/4HANA with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning (Lecture)

The Best and Easiest Way to Extend SAP S/4HANA on SAP Cloud Platform (Code Review)

Extend Cloud Solutions Using Intelligent Services and SAP Cloud Platform


Our Integration Platform-as-a-Service Offering on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Road Map

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors: Accelerate Third-Party Connectivity

Digital Experience

Technology for Your Digital Experience with SAP Cloud Platform

Create the Best Experiences for Users: SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker

Technology for Your Digital Experience with SAP Cloud Platform

Data Insights

Overview of SAP HANA Data Management Suite

Explore How to Process Hadoop- and Spark-Based Big Data with SAP Technology


The Intelligent Enterprise Powered by SAP Leonardo Technologies

If you would like to set up a meeting with key individuals on a topic, please contact me and I will work out the logistics.


iMacGyver (a.k.a. Bob Sakalas)


Why SCP: Why SAP Cloud Platform (in about 17 minutes)… includes a demo too!

SAP Cloud Platform can change your I.T. innovation pace and trajectory. You can dramatically improve your development’s ability to deliver value-add to business operators.

My presentation focuses 75% of Why SCP makes brilliant sense, and then 25% of “What” SCP offers. It is perfect for:

  • business-side execs,
  • business-to-I.T. liaisons who want a bit more depth and understanding without deep techno-speak, and
  • I.T. leaders that want to understand why SCP is different than infrastructure providers like Amazon and Azure.

I include a video-demo example of what can be built with SCP in short order.

If you want to send this presentation to you colleagues, there is a short cut — just send


Bob Sakalas
SAP SCP Center of Excellence for North America

Understanding BIG data, Innovating and Leveraging BIG data with SAP — for Business-Side Execs

Big data is usually a terribly techy topic, yet business-side execs must play an important part in understanding it, asking the right questions of their I/T teams, and leveraging the ‘new’ data to achieve results.

This executive primer de-mystifies the big data topic for finance and operations executives, while contrasting the differences between SAP’s approach and that of cloud players Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, as well as other key companies like Hortonworks and Cloudera.


Bob Sakalas (aka iMacGyver)
SAP Agile Innovation Strategist


Rapid Development — Low Code Leader

Mendix is a great new SAP Solex partner of SAP Cloud Platform, enabling non-professional developers to thrive and work in concert with your core developer teams.

Unlike a lot of these low-code entries, Mendix is proven to enable rather large and relatively intricate systems to be developed in a fraction of the time traditional development takes.

Here are 6 minutes from TechED 2017 — with some text highlights from me —that will give you a good feel for how revolutionary coding can be with Mendix and SAP SCP (best viewed in full screen mode):

Here’s the bottom line — Mendix can enable orders of magnitude gains in productivity — and the ability to add non-professional developers like business department analysts — to you agile team. Imagine if your developers became 5X or 10X more productive in a month.

Become digital MacGyvers!

Bob Sakalas (aka iMacGyver)
SAP Agile Innovation Strategist

PS. Need more info?

Ask your SAP Account Executive to connect you with your SAP SCP Specialist, or use the contact form on this site, and I will track down the right contact for you, although it may take a bit of time, given that I do have a day job 🙂

Port of Hamburg | An Industrial Ballet of Efficiency

The busy Port of Hamburg is landlocked, or more precisely, surrounding city-locked. The port authority needed to devise a way to increase productivity by coordinating all the various moving pieces — from ships to containers to cranes to trucks — all in a precise logistical ballet.

The port decided to use SAP SCP as the backbone from all the real-time flows of Internet of Things (IoT) data, achieving stellar results.

Does your firm run logistics operations? We are ready to help increase productivity with SCP and IoT.

Bob Sakalas (aka iMacGyver)
SAP Agile Innovation Strategist

Shell Aviation | Speeding Up Service and Accuracy

Shell Aviation turned to SAP Cloud Platform to extract paper from their airliner refueling process.

Shell Aviation uses its Skypad app built on SAP Cloud Platform to connect the apron directly with the SAP back end. This helps to make the refuelling process faster and provides better data security.

Do you have an idea to get rid of left-over paper-based processes that should integrate to your back-office systems? Contact me and let’s get started.

Bob Sakalas
SAP Agile Innovation Strategist

Bosch | Improves Security and Productivity

Bosch needed secure overnight parking throughout Europe for its truckers, simplifying reservations, enabling access to lots, meeting government regulations, and creating instant payments to thousands of unique parking lot owners.

SAP SCP offered unique capabilities, allowing Bosch’s “Digital MacGyvers” to quickly create a mobile app for its drivers, while integrating with its home office SAP financial systems for quick, automated payments.

Contact me and we will find the right team to brainstorm with you to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Bob Sakalas
SAP Agile Innovation Strategist

Siemens | Creates a New Data-Driven Business

Siemens is one of the goliaths of industrial machinery world-wide. To better enable Internet of Things (IoT) and all its benefits, Siemens created the Mindsphere network, building it on top of SAP’s Cloud Platform. This allowed the firm to create and sell new data-driven features and services to its customer base.

Do you have an idea to monetize big data / IoT data with your customers? We can help make it happen.

Bob Sakalas
SAP Agile Innovation Strategist


Roche | Connecting Patients and Doctors

Roche saw great opportunity to connect diabetes patients directly with their physicians. The problem was that all too often, blood sugar testing by the patient would have weeks or months of delay before a doctor saw the data.

By leveraging SCP, Roche enabled much more real-time flow of information. Doctors can now monitor and consult with patients, helping them improve their lives and treatment.

Do you need to stay in contact with your customers? We know what it takes and SCP is a great tool to build apps and connectivity quickly.

Bob Sakalas
SAP Agile Innovation Strategist