Why SCP: Why SAP Cloud Platform (in about 17 minutes)… includes a demo too!

SAP Cloud Platform can change your I.T. innovation pace and trajectory. You can dramatically improve your development’s ability to deliver value-add to business operators.

My presentation focuses 75% of Why SCP makes brilliant sense, and then 25% of “What” SCP offers. It is perfect for:

  • business-side execs,
  • business-to-I.T. liaisons who want a bit more depth and understanding without deep techno-speak, and
  • I.T. leaders that want to understand why SCP is different than infrastructure providers like Amazon and Azure.

I include a video-demo example of what can be built with SCP in short order.

If you want to send this presentation to you colleagues, there is a short cut — just send http://whyscp.com


Bob Sakalas
SAP SCP Center of Excellence for North America